This series of seminars intends to introduce the various homeschool philosophies, methodologies and styles to empower parents to choose which fits their children and families best.


Get to know the woman behind this popular educational philosophy beyond the materials and the prepared environment that she is known for. The intimate gathering set up will also be a perfect chance to ask our resource speaker how to implement the Montessori method in your own homes.

The speaker in the third session in the series is Ms. Mars Medina. When Mars first saw a Montessori classroom, it was love at first sight and she knew that the beautiful Montessori environment and its purposeful materials were something she wanted to be surrounded with everyday. When she learned about and gained more understanding of the Montessori philosophy that was rooted in deep respect for the child, she fell deeper in love and was certain that this was how she wanted to live.

So passionate was she about Montessori that after training and teaching children from 2.5 to 6 years old, she opened her then own little Montessori casa dei bambini or children’s house in a small provincial community because she believed, as Maria Montessori did, that Montessori should be for everyone.

She no longer teaches in or owns a school now, but Montessori is still very much in her everyday, now with her 27-month-old daughter. She continues sharing Montessori through her blog www.montessorionmars.com; Montessori in the Philippines, a local Facebook group she started; and her Montessori at Home talks in partnership with The Learning Basket.