The Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016

Educating for Life (EFL) and the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), in cooperation with PhilamLife, are proud to present the Philippine Homeschool Conference (PHC) 2016. The only national conference for Filipino homeschoolers, the event provides an opportunity for homeschooling families to connect with one another. It is also a venue where parents can be renewed, recharged, and inspired as they fulfill their roles as their children’s primary educators.


The Conference Theme

This year’s theme, “From Roots to Wings: Homeschooling Through the Stages”, is inspired by the following lines from a poem that captures the heart of every homeschooling parent:

“If I could give you just two things,
One would be Roots, the other, Wings.”
Roots, not to tie you to the ground,
But to guide you to where your fulfillment is found
The nourishing start, the firm foundation,
The source of your inner determination.
Wings to soar over obstacles, wings to fly free,
Wings to glide to the heights of the best you can be.”
– Author Unknown

What to Expect

*Superb Speakers

Four keynote speakers who are well known in the local and international homeschooling scene will inspire us to provide our children with “roots”, equip us to lay a strong foundation for them, and give them “wings” to help them reach great heights.

Participants may also choose to attend 3 of the 9 breakout sessions lined up for parents in different stages of their homeschooling journey.

*Exciting Expo

Aside from the inspiring and empowering talks, the conference will also feature an expo with vendors servicing the homeschooling community.

*Relevant Raffle Prizes

Everyone loves getting gifts, especially those that are significant to one’s homeschooling journey and family life! The PHC 2016 organizers bear this in mind as we prepare raffle prizes that are relevant especially to homeschoolers – watch this space and the Philippine Homeschool Conference Facebook page for announcements of prizes, coming soon!

*Cool Kids’ Activities

Parents who will be bringing their kids along to the Conference can rest assured that they will also have something fun to do — from educational activities to creative play, your children will surely enjoy socializing with one another as you listen to the inspiring talks.