Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017 Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

KEYNOTE: Back-to-Basics Parenting in the Technological Age
Sen. Francis Pangilinan

We live in a fast-paced, instant-gratification world, but there are age-old, universal values that parents need to impart to their children. Sen. Francis Pangilinan, a champion of homeschoolers and author of the Resolution declaring March 3 as National Homeschool Day,  will share the wisdom he gained from raising his own brood of this new generation of Filipinos.

KEYNOTE: Unconventional Education: Empowering the Youth for the Future
Efren Peñaflorida Jr.

Just like homeschooling, his acclaimed project called “Kariton Klasrum” is as unconventional as education goes. Founder and 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida will inspire homeschoolers to continue in their journey of this road-less travelled way of teaching as he shares real stories of how his out-of-the-box method of education has changed the lives of families, one student at a time.

KEYNOTE: The Best Option for Education in the 21st Century:  Homeschooling
Know Your Kids.  Discover Their Passion.  Learning Happens.
Marissa Leinart

After 17 years homeschooling her 2 children and speaking at several Great Homeschool Convention workshops in the U.S., Marissa shares why we need to “C-A-R-E”  about our children’s education and the surprising rewards that come toward the end of your homeschooling journey.

PLENARY GUEST SPEAKER: The 21st Century Learner
Sheryl G. See

The 21st century educational sphere has changed with the advent of the Internet Age. With information at the tips of their fingertips, rote knowledge is no longer sufficient. The 21st century learner not only learns differently, but also needs a different set of skills to thrive in the world of tomorrow. How can homeschooling parents and progressive education address these needs? Ms. Sheryl See, Executive Vice-President of Treston International College, will shed light on this and help us get to know our 21st century students.


We Want to Homeschool! Now What?
Michelle Padrelanan

This session is for parents who are decided to homeschool but do not know where or how to begin. While getting information is as easy as clicking an online search button, the sheer number of results that the search yields can overwhelm any parent. Homeschooling mom of five Michelle Padrelanan will walk us through what to do now that you know that homeschooling is best for your family.

Homeschool for Free
Marissa Leinart

That homeschooling is a more affordable alternative to traditional schooling is a myth, as some homeschooling families have discovered. The fact is, it can mean requiring one parent to leave the workforce to focus on educating the children; this translates to the family having to live on a single income. Marissa Leinart was in the same predicament when she started on this journey. So, she spent 17 years researching how to educate her children at home almost entirely for free! In this breakout session, she will share resources that helped her in this mission to make homeschooling accessible to everyone.

The Juggling Act: Home Management for Teacher Moms
Sigrid Perez

Most homeschool moms wear tons of hats – wife, mother, daughter, teacher, chef, driver, coach. It seems the list never ends. So how do we fit all these roles plus manage our homes too? Can it even be done? Sigrid Perez, mom of eight, will share with us how she homeschools five children, helps three children in their schoolwork, and helps manage their family’s businesses and charitable foundation.

What I Learned in My Rookie Year of Homeschooling
Jen Mayuga-Cruz

A lot of parents begin their homeschooling journey with the most idealistic notions, only to be discouraged upon learning that it’s not at all easy. The kids still hate school. Mom loses her patience. The house is chaotic. Beginning the journey is not always easy, but knowing what to expect may help alleviate discouragement and fears. Businesswoman and homeschooling mom of two Jen Mayuga-Cruz shares her experiences during her rookie year of homeschooling. This is for those who are about to begin their own journey and those who think that they are simply doing it “wrong”.

The Working Homeschool Mom
Denise Peña

Homeschooling is a tough job and some moms take on an even more difficult one – juggling the demands of working while educating their children. How does one do it? What is a working homeschool mom’s day like? Is it even possible to work out of the home and homeschool? Working homeschool mom of two Denise Peña will answer these questions and share tips about how she is able to balance these two things that matter to her.

7 Tips for Teaching Multiple Age Students Without Losing Your Mind
Jen Wi-Bellosillo

Homeschooling is a daunting task – one that is made even more challenging when you are teaching several children in various age groups. The sheer volume of available materials to sift through, lesson time management, and scheduling can make any homeschooling mom feel overwhelmed. In this session, homeschooling mom and former preschool teacher Jen Bellosillo will share her best practices that enable her to peacefully homeschool her four children.

Narration 101
Gina Guerrero-Roldan

Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschoolers gush about narration. It is a wonderful way to assess what children have picked up and an effective way to start discussions about lessons and ideas. But what exactly is narration? How can you use it in your homeschool? Can you use it even if you’re not following the Charlotte Mason philosophy? Gina Guerrero-Roldan, homeschooling mom of four and long-time Charlotte Mason practitioner, will shed light on the nitty gritty details of this fascinating education tool.

Carving Out Me-Time for Busy Homeschool Moms
Milona Barraca

Moms tend to always put their family’s needs before their own.  From sitting down for lessons, shuttling our children to their activities, managing the household, and running a business or working on the side, we tend to sacrifice time for ourselves. “What time?!”, we ask. Milona Barraca, homeschooling mom of four, will talk about the importance of slowing down and carving out our own “me-time”. She will share how she gets to enjoy her many hobbies and how doing so benefits her family too.

No Fear! Homeschooling Through High School
Racquel Guevara and Mariz Dearos

Physics, Chemistry, Trigonometry. Can I really teach those subjects to my teenager? How can I help my children discover what course to take in college – or if college is even for them? What about peers and socialization which are crucial during their teenage years? In this mini-panel discussion, let homeschooling moms Racquel Guevara and Maris Dearos, moms to high school graduates who are both thriving in their respective universities,  answer your questions, ease your fears and encourage you as you homeschool your own high schoolers.

Technology in Your Homeschool
Donna Pangilinan-Simpao

Technology is the bane and boon of this generation of students. What exactly are the pros and cons of using technology in the homeschool? How can you utilize the online resources available to you while maintaining a balance with offline learning? How can teacher parents make use of technology to make homeschooling easier? Homeschooling mom Donna Pangilinan-Simpao talks about this as she shares her favorite tech resources, which she used in more than 10 years of homeschooling.

Raising Financially-Literate Kids
Joey Tayaban

The foundation of learning about the value of money begins at home. In this session, homeschooling mom of five and multi-awarded financial advocate Joey Tayaban will give us tips and tricks that we can use to teach our children to become money-smart. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two for ourselves, too.

That Thing Called ‘Gap Year’
Leny Ojano-Yusay

Have you heard? There’s this new buzzword in homeschooling circles – the ‘gap year.’ What exactly is a gap year and why is there a buzz about it? Is it even legal in the Philippines? Homeschooling mom Leny Ojano-Yusay, who took her own ‘gap year’ in college, will share her own experiences, plus the experiences of her son Miguel, who is currently doing his gap year after graduating from 12th grade.

The Treston Way: Excellent and Ethical Education in a Caring Community
Dr. Ina Balani, Ed.D

Looking for options for 11th and 12th grade? Or maybe your high schooler is checking out options for college? Let Treston introduce their community and educational beliefs to you in this breakout session.


**Some topics for Breakout Sessions may be subject to change. Announcements shall be made accordingly here and on the Philippine Homeschool Conference Facebook page.