Scenes from the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016

I really liked that the conference this year had activities lined up for the young ones too. Hopefully, in the coming years, there would be sessions for them as well.

The keynote speakers were very encouraging and so were the break-out session speakers. I liked how they were able to give very detailed talks this year and most of the sessions were on time.

After attending the annual homeschool conferences, I must say that each year, it keeps getting better. This year’s theme, From Roots to Wings, was really apt for every homeschool family. Hopefully, this will be the trend and I certainly do look forward to next conference! Thanks to HAPI and Educating for Life for a very successful event!

Chris Amador

Homeschooler, Blogs at

To the team behind the event: you guys are phenomenal! I and my husband learned a lot, and were refreshed. Definitely had a fantastic time. And it was also nice meeting the lovely parents who I know only thru FB. Until next time!

Jade V. Mariñas