How to Study for Biology Class in College

If you have been admitted into college to study biology, then you are at the right place. This carefully prepared piece will take you through all you need to know to make your studies as effective as expected. We will take you through how to plan your time, prepare for class, take lecture notes, and study for exams.

Preparing for class

Studying biology in college is a no joke; hence, you should prepare adequately for each class or lab session. A night before the next class, ensure that you’re done with all assigned readings or writing assignments. Biology textbooks are full of pictures, diagrams, and illustrations; as you study pay critical attention to such items. That aside, in case your tutor post any information or note online, give it the needed attention when you do the homework. It may be a clue for your next exams or topic. Spending quality time with your materials before class helps you to make a meaningful contribution.


In class, don’t be a passive student but an active one. Take notes as the lecture progresses. It shouldn’t be a word-to-word thing, but write down the important things your lecturer says or write on the board. Also, write down all the page numbers or sources your lecturer references, not forgetting things he refers to as important. If in doubt, ask a question or seek the repetition of an important point or information you missed. If possible, do an audio recording of the lecture after seeking permission from the instructor.

Prepare your own note

Knowledge reinforcement is an important part of learning and preparing your own note contributes to that effect. It promotes information retention and gives you a deeper understanding. After class, go through the points you wrote and prepare a note for the day’s lesson. Create the note in your own words to make memorizing easier. But that shouldn’t be the end of it, you need to go through it as you tackle homework and any other time when it is needed.  

Preparing for test

Preparing for your biology test must start the first day you were handed course materials. Some students wait until a few days for exams before they start learning. This is very wrong as it put pressure on the brain and causes stress. Instead, build up your knowledge from the beginning of the biology course but studying every day. As you learn every day and effectively all you will need is to just revise your notes when exams are getting close. After revision, try explaining what you learned to a friend to see how well it went. If there is no one around, stand in front of a mirror and make a presentation.

With biology being an experimental topic, you may also have to practice at the lab to sharpen your practical skills. Also, pay attention to pictures and illustrations as you study because you may surely meet them in your exams.

Make use of the internet

When you have a problem with a topic or assignment, try to find a solution online. There are numerous academic works on biology topics and homework help services to explore on the internet.  

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